Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year. New Us?

None of us are perfect, and with New Years always comes the setting of resolutions. 
January is such a refreshing time... a time of reinvention for us all, and a chance to better ourselves. To see where we fell short, and to make the changes we need to incorporate in our lives to be better, happier people. 

We here at J Bella are so thankful for our loyal customers and followers, you are a devoted bunch and words can't express what it means to have so many of you sharing who we are, and as repeat customers. We have heard your cries, and this year have made some HUGE changes to the way we do things around here. We are excited to share all the positive changes with you starting this month, and are COMMITTED to bring you a better all around experience. 
We hope you'll join us in all the exciting things to come, and continue to voice your support as we learn and grow. 
Tell us which things you're the most excited about on our Facebook page,  and FIVE of you will WIN $15 gift cards to start the new year off right.

1. Introduction of more weekly product, and here on the blog, styled posts and more how to wear.
2. Increase of of the fan favorite giveaways.
3. Return of "Be the Buyer" where you share with us the things you love and get entered to win the ones we buy!
4. Introduction of the new Weekly and Daily Deals on our site. Where new product will be introduced and available for short periods of time at a discount to our loyal customers. 

Thank you all, and God bless. 

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