Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Year. New You. Makeover Winner: Janene

Hopefully by now you have all watched our previous video post about these three wonderful and amazing women from our New Year. New You. Makeover Contest. 
We are pleased to introduce you to Janene, and to share with you her touching story, and why it captured our hearts. 

30 year old Janene from Eastern Idaho, is the super busy mother of three little ones.  Evie 9, Lucas 6, and Reagan 3. After suffering 4 miscarriages and a still birth all within a 10 year period, her motivation for style and having the energy for it have suffered. Health and weight issues only added to her negatives feelings about the way she looked and felt.

"When you don't feel good about the way you look, its hard to care much about finding the time to attempt to make yourself look presentable. "

She spends every waking moment focused on her children and husband. She easily becomes consumed in taking care of everyone else, making sure their needs are met, and putting herself on the back burner.

"I spend so much time every day taking care of the kids that I worked so hard to get here, that I forget to take time for myself." 

Janene: Before Photo {Still a beauty} 
Describe your Hair: "Ummm yuck. I have thick wavy hair, and I would love to grow it out, but seem to be stuck in yucky mullet phrase. So gross, I know.

" I would love help in feeling better about the way I look for my self esteem and for my wonderful and supportive husband! He deserves a wife who looks and feels good about herself."

Describe your worse fashion blunders: " My big fluffy blue hoodie with "NOTRE DAME" in huge yellow and green letters on it, and a hideous huge yellow and green leprechaun. Bleck! And I wear maternity pants when my 1 pair of real pants that fit are in the wash" 

" There is no way I could ever do something like this for myself. This would be a huge blessing and confidence booster for me. However, I do understand that you are going to have a ton of applicants that will be far more deserving than me. Thank you so much just for the chance to apply." 

What was your favorite part of the day? " Honestly, getting to meet you all and the team that worked on me. You all have such an amazing way of making others feel special and beautiful. I don't get that very often, and I really appreciated that. " 
Janene loved the J Bella team so much, she is now our newest Stylist! We are so excited to have her a part of our team representing Eastern Idaho. 
 Our Favorite Photo of the Day. Janene's husband who travels for work got to stop by and see his beautiful wife and her new look in the flesh... I'm not ashamed to admit it... we all cried. 
The Final Reveal. Stunningly beautiful, inside and out. 

Hair: Davian Whitaker
Photography: True Atelier
Clothing, Accessories and Styling: J Bella/ Owner Jamie Findlay 

Find Her Outfit Here:
Pant: {Sold Out}
Shoes: {Sold Out}

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