Friday, November 16, 2012

Style for Less

During the holiday season we all know there is nothing better than finding a great product at a great low price. Deals are a dime a dozen during the holiday season.
However, here at J Bella we are always on the look out for great deals we can bring directly to you. 
We scope sites daily, looking for the best of the best. Our goal... to bring you great quality products at super low prices, year round.
This season we all fell in love with the beautiful Jackson blouse {below} from our lastest fashion shoot. We already knew it was being sold at an amazing price here at J Bella, but the proof is in the pudding... or so they say.The only thing that could make this beautiful and versatile top even more appealing to you... Seeing it on an internationally top ranking site for twice the price! 
Compare your new favorite shirt with the below version from Zara. 
Equally beautiful, but can you spot the cheaper doppelganger? 

$58 version as seen at Zara. 
The Jackson only $33: Click HERE to Snag yours. 

$58 Vs $33... I think we all know which one you'll be buying. Enjoy! 

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