Friday, August 17, 2012

Kindness Pays: Winners of the J Bella Gift Card Announced

As promised.  
For those of you who have joined our Facebook page, and were SO patient, kind and understanding during our promo, a special THANK YOU to you:
Here are the randomly chosen winners of the $20 Gift Card to J Bella:

Ashley Jackson
Celia Jenkis-Michl
Mindy S Kempista
Erika Renee
Annette A Asimenios-Trinks


As this week progressed, we have been overwhelmed and amazed the things people would say to us about our offer. If shared, you would be shocked at the amount of  cursing, negative comments, and emails, as well as the amount of people who physically threatened us during this promotion... seriously,
it happened. 

Just as each negative and irrational comment had to roll off our backs, all of your positive and uplifting comments were holding us up. Words cannot express what it means to us to know there are truly good, 
kind and appreciative people out there in this world. 

For that we are so thankful to those of you who went above and beyond. We randomly pooled all of you who sent words of kindness or went to battle for us on FB, through email or on wall posts. 

We wish we could reward you all. 
Here are 15 randomly chosen CHAMPIONS OF POSITIVITY and a $10 Gift Card to J Bella: 

Rhetta Stephens
Emily Guyer
Tiffanie Davis 
Stacie Maybore_Vroman
Gail Watts-Homen
Stacy Doyle
Suzy Fry Dees
Karen Joyce Kunstman Panitch
Sarah Diehl
Lannette Bendixsen
Brianne Howard
Amy Borders Downey
Anna Brown
Lynn Maynell Klein
Sally StayClassy Young

Thank you again, we look forward to serving you all again soon. To claim your reward and online code please email 

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