Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alive and Well

To all my loyal followers and readers I felt like I needed to take a minute and assure you all that I have not died. I am still alive, just buried under thousands and thousands of tank tops! 
In honor of our new website launch we ran a promotion offering a free layering tank top if customers ran it through our website, and paid the shipping on it.
 It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our new site and products as well as introduce customers to our store. We decided to run an unlimited offer as a partnership with a manufacturer of ours. We thought we would generate a few thousand orders and it would get us off to a great start on our new website. Here, is the actual number of tanks claimed:

Now, you can see why; although I have SO much to share after just having gotten back from the Spring 2013 fashion shows, I have no time to share it... Yet. 
Stay tuned... 

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