Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Neon So Right: Pintribute Winner

 If you would have asked me last year what I thought of when I heard the word "neon", my answer would have been:  Torn lace tights, big hair, side tie shirts and jelly shoes. Not that those things don't bring back a wonderful wave of nostalgia, but they just weren't things associated with high fashion for me. This year a corner has been turned, and everywhere you look is neon. I even found myself pre-ordering neon accessories and tops last year for our shop. Shocked, yes I was. But I myself have fallen in love with the bold hues, and find ways weekly to slip them in. 
Here are a few great ways to throw a little boldness into your life.

Contributing to our gorgeous Neon love fest is:
 Emily Hullender
Congrats to this weeks winner of our Pintribute with J Bella Contest.
For your personal chance to win $15 just for pinning fashion you love, leave us a comment with a link to your Pinterest profile and we will send you an invite! Also, follow us HERE.

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