Saturday, July 14, 2012

It Girl: Kristen Wiig

Way before she made her big screen debut I was a major fan of Kristen Wiig. It still boggles my mind how a woman so beautiful can be so equally funny. I love how willing she is to make herself look atrocious just to get a laugh, and she truly never disappoints.  
In the August issue of Marie Claire, hitting stands July 17th, this funny lady opens up about her emotional send off from SNL after 7 great years. Not only do we get to know the inside scoop via Marie Claire, but we also get to see a completely new look from Wiig. Who knew all that hotness lay under the exterior of sadistic Gilly?! Although I look forward to watching her continue to grow on the big screen, my heart is already broken knowing my fav won't be on the regular SNL lineup. Scroll down to see first hand this hot comedian, and my top 5 most missed Wiig Characters/Impressions. 

Top 5 Characters/Impressions I will miss most:

1: Gilly: Watch a Clip
2: Dooneese Maharelle: Watch a Clip
3: Cheryl Bryant: Watch a Clip
4: Mindy Grayson: Watch a Clip
5: Kathy Lee Gifford: Watch a Clip 

What are some of your SNL favorites?

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