Thursday, July 5, 2012

Emily Maynard: Bachelorette Fashion

Ask me my guilty pleasure and I might or might not admit I watch the Bachelorette religiously. Apparently I am a sucker for fake, short term romances. As each season has progressed the style has as well. All Bachelorettes are blessed with swarms of hair, makeup and styling teams to make them look even more appealing, but I still like to lie to myself and think most of it is their personal style.  That being said, I don't know if they have finally gotten some great stylists on the show or if the bachelorettes themselves truly have great taste, but the last few seasons has had some rocking style. 
 Emily Maynard has to be one of my favorite Bachelorettes ever. Not only does she truly seem like one of the sweetest women of all time, but her outfits week after week never disappoint. The downside to following television fashion...every time I find an item that I want so has the rest of world. Boo...


You're best chance at finding all Bachelorette fashion items before they sell out... Possessionista. 
Love her wit and style, and she is always in the know for television fashion.

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