Saturday, June 2, 2012

Facebook Winners

So long story short; I'm kind of a nerd at heart, and my good friend Dave and I like to use photos when we text to display emotions... Way better, and much funnier than emoji icons... Right? 
So for example: 

Feeling Devious? 
{I especially love the murderous looking woman in the window}

  I Own You. 

This is NOT okay.

Pure Joy.
Now, this last adorable photo is my sweet baby Kashton. He was experiencing pure joy only a child can after downing loads and loads of popsicles and S'mores. 
THIS is the face you should have if you were one of the winners. 
Congrats to our Winners: (Winners Chosen at random)
Terra Brooke
Hayley Johnson Kidman

 Thank you to everyone who participated. I sure love you all. 
Winners email me at to claim your prize. 

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