Friday, May 18, 2012

Where did all the Supermodels Go?

Growing up I was a magazine junkie. That fact has not changed for me. However, as my coveted monthly issues arrive, I see month after month another actress, singer, songwriter... a non-model on the cover. Am I the only one who remembers when models were SUPER? Or does that just make me look old? Either way, being a model was a big deal! Young, gawky and awkward women everywhere {totally me} wanted to be them. I used to read up on super model stats like I was reading an issue of TeenBeat. They were amazing, talented and beautiful woman! The were the beauty idols of the 90's...So where did they all go? 
They can't all be selling skincare on QVC can they?

 Part of the "in" crowd of the 90's... Check out those short locks and slicked back hair.
 Niki Taylor was IT for me. I loved her and every shot she was ever in.
 Cindy... seriously the most beautiful woman on earth.
Gisele, the reining SUPER model, and literally about the only one still in existence.
On a side tangent... who has a baby and then still looks like this... really...
{channeling Seth Meyers on SNL}
 Another Classic 90's shot. The epitome of beauty. 
I used to have this exact shot of Cindy saved in a binder as a young girl. 
My modeling coach called it "Inspiration". 
I called it," My stark realization that I would never be her". 
Even still, these woman inspired us all to dream bigger than we were. I know I did.

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