Sunday, May 13, 2012

Street Style: Wedge Sneakers

Yes, I was that creepy person taking photos of other peoples adorable outfits while I was supposed to be soaking up historical scenery. I'm okay with that. History is forever. A great outfit might only walk by me once. 
It was chilly and windy the whole week I was in NYC. So we were all bundled up pretty tight most days. I love this vintage tee, colored denim combo with a great neutral trench coat. 

This leather mustard and tan hobo bag took the cake. So gorgeous that I had to restrain myself from snatching it off her shoulder and running full speed down the street. { The massive amount of 9/11 staff helped my conscience speak up} IF she spoke English I would have just asked her where she bought it... not the case, and not my fault I have clepto thoughts when I see great style. 

This season's newest addition. I have to be honest, when I attended the fashion shows over the last year I haven't been sold on these. The higher wedged version is just not my thing. However, these neutral flatter styles are my newest obsession. Let me add, she was extremely smart to be wearing these in the big apple. My wood bottomed Steve Madden sandals and other such flats = massive blisters starting on day 2. 
Find these gorgeous wedge sneakers HERE

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