Monday, May 14, 2012


Want FREE Cash to spend on hot clothing each week? Sign up as a contributor for our Pintribute board on Pinterest! Each week we will highlight our favorite pins by followers like YOU and you will win $15 Cash to spend at 

Step 1: Follow us on Pinterest HERE
Step 2: Request an invite to be a contributor for the PINTRIBUTE board.
Leave us a comment here with your pinterest link or email for an add.
Step 3: Find and Pin your favorite things each week for a chance to win.
It can be ANYTHING that inspires you, not just J Bella items! We want to see what makes you swoon!
{Try to limit to a few of your favorites each week-
Anymore than 5 a week we will have to delete to keep room for everyone}

Starting us off right. A pin from yours truly. Luca Luca. A MAJOR splurge, but OH, so worth it.


Liam and Seamus' Mommy said...

Hello! My pinterest address is

skhouse said...

Right now I am consumed by helping my daughter plan her wedding...ideas, dresses, cakes, MOB dresses (don't want her embarrassed by a too flashy mom!) ...oh there's so much to do & plan?
Follow me at:

:/ oh there's so much to do!

Rosalie said...

I'd love to take part! My pinterest address: