Wednesday, May 16, 2012

J Lo Love or Not to Love

I Personally am a huge J Lo fan. I think she is a beautiful and talented woman. I listened to her first CD religiously when I was younger and often memorized her dance moves... 
I know, I'm a nerd, and I'm okay with that. 
However, I am not naive enough to believe that everyone loves her. 
Always an item of controversy, J Lo rises above each seemingly colossal fail 
{Marriage, Benifer, Dating a hideous looking younger dancer, box office flops...shall I go on}
 and comes back fighting. Here is a sneak peek of her June swim shoot for Vogue, which I'm going to count as a success for her.
 This 90's comeback, the bandage look... basically as revealing as any bikini on the market... But... IF I looked that good in it, I'd totally deal with the hideous tan lines that come from it.
 I'm still not sure if a real woman can pull off a white swimsuit, although she does make this look effortless.
For those girls who don't mind the bikini top,  but want to hide that saggy mommy belly.
Speaking of, huge kudos to J Lo who in a recent interview stated that she might not come back to Idol for a 3rd season. Stating that with her kids growing up and going to school she wants to focus more on raising them and being there for them... Plus, she does have that teenager boyfriend to raise as well. 

{But that last part is just my opinion, she did not actually admit to that. }

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