Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day Three: NYC Buying Trip

Finally Day Three... Actually Day 4 of our trip but third day of shopping. We snuck up to the upper east and west sides of NYC and it was there that I fell in love. Forget all the tourist crap we walked through day after day, the Upper part of the city were to die for. 

Everywhere you looked was beautiful old architecture and gorgeous skylines.
The View from Central Park. 
 D and I enjoying the scenery at Central Park. Davian's favorite view of the day: My quickly growing hair. It was SO humid that by the time we flew home I was like Monica on Friends and in need of some dreads or braids asap! 
Love this candid shot of us on the rocks.  
We saw 2 comedy shows while we were out there. One of the comedians was making fun of girls and their picture taking. He claimed all girls take pictures in the air... we decided to prove him right.
 More Beautiful Buildings. 
We set a goal when we got to NYC to not eat at a single place we can eat at when we are home. We succeeded! This waffle cart was by far the best dessert. Scott ate this ridiculous sweet waffel with ice cream and chocolate on it. D ate an equally fattening dose of sweet waffles with apricot jam and some cinnamon sauce, and I opted for a double layer of butter and homemade maple syrup with carmel... oh so good. 
 A thousand calories of goodness. 
 Columbus Circle. I especially love Scott rocking his sweater as shoulder accessory. 
 Trump Towers. Breathtakingly beautiful inside. I'm STILL waiting for them to stop airing Celebrity Apprentice and get back to REAL working people. I would SO audition for that show.
Ivanka Trump window display. 
Davian's favorite TV show is Friends so of course we had to stop by the famous Plaza Hotel 
Goodbye NYC. 

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