Friday, April 6, 2012

No Blowdryer Required

Everyone gets in a hair funk once in awhile. Thank goodness for Pinterest, where everyone in the world can, and do pin hairstyles, good or bad. Here are a few wonderful looks that, even better, require no blow dryer! They have our full stamp of approval.

The Messy Bun
What's even better than the miracle of Dry Shampoo? A hairdo that actually looks better WITH dirty locks!  
How To: Tease strands at the crown of the head with a brush or small toothed comb. Once it looks a little frizzy, loosely pull hair up and back. Twist into a bun and secure with a hair elastic and bobby pins.

The Sexy Siren 
True Bombshells don't fuss over their hair! They Air dry, throw in hot rollers, take them out and voila! They walk out looking fabulous. 

The Ballerina Bun
Topknots are having some major moments lately. Yes, I have tried this, and yes I have failed miserably several times. The seriously genius solution? Goody's Spin Pin. This gorgeous style is flattering on everyone, and perfect for every hair type. 
How To: Brush hair pack into a pony tail (high or low) and start twisting. The tighter you twist the hair will naturally start coiling up on its own. Hold twist into place with hair pins... seriously insert Goody's Spin Pin here.

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