Monday, March 19, 2012

Mani Monday

Growing up I was a dancer. I suppose I could still say I am a dancer. The appearance and fitness  regulations we followed still guide many of my choices today. My hair remains long, even though I no longer need to wear slicked back, high volume pony tails, and my nails remain short.  Having nails as a dancer was never a high priority. Any time spent on getting them done was wasted the second I hit the floor. But I didn't mind. I found creative ways of getting around no nail rule by keeping my nails fresh with color. Just because you don't put on acrylic nails doesn't mean your nails can't look fabulously done. Here are 3 of our favorite trends this season for nail wear. Enjoy. 

 Peacock Feather Inspired Shine
 Striped Navajo themed nails: How to Shown at Nailside, a FABULOUS site 
dedicated to nails and nail trends. Go follow. 
Spring Greens and Blues. So very Breakfast at Tiffany's. 


Mehak said...

Love the second and third one... They are so FRESH!!

Sierra said...

haha now if I could just do my nails to look like THAT, particularly the third one.
In my dreams. Ha.
Oh, Just Living the Dream

KendraDenise said...

I absolutely love the third one. Do you know where I can find a tutorial?

j bella said...

At KendraDenise: I wish we did! We have searched high an low for a tutorial that matches that photo. As luck has it, there are SEVERAL tutorials on YouTube that match a similar look, however the tumbler photo itself did not come with instructions.