Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Invisible Children

There are more people on Facebook today, than there were on the earth 200 years ago. We live in a media driven era. For Millions and Millions of people a day, the Internet and digital communication
are a way of life. Daily, as we search the web we are bombarded with media reports of appalling events, and heartbreaking circumstances. Like so many of you, my heart feels burdened, and saddened by the terrors of the world. And yet, it still seems so easy to go throughout life, discounting our blessings, and being aware of only one person...

 This week, as the Joseph Kony video went viral, my heart was again touched by the individuals who are working so diligently to change lives. A great wake up call was issued and we were once again reminded of the desperate need for us, as human beings to care and take a stand.

 We don't choose when and where we are born. No matter who we are, we all arrive the same. Our unknown future ahead of us. The sweet spirits of children are so innocent, so joyful, so unconditionally loving and kind. Regardless of the heartache around them they are resilient and strong. 

As a parent, I've found that your deepest joy comes from your children. The thought of any hardship or trial they go through seems almost unbearable to imagine. 
 To be a mother in Uganda today, you aren't worried about the bumps and bruises your child gets as they explore the world. You aren't thinking about the school yard contention, or the fact that another child was picked for team sports over your child. You are living in daily fear that your child will be abducted. You are sleeping in large groups of people on dirty, inhumane floors, trying to protect your child from a life as a sex slave, or a young soldier. Mothers are forced to watch as their tiny children are taught to carry guns, and mutilate other human beings. Often, being forced to come back and kill their own parents, the ones they love the most. They're children become killers. 
These innocent lives are raised in a violent, bloody world. Where many of these children would rather die than stay on an earth this evil. Their smiles are wiped clean, their innocence lost, all because of one man, Joseph Kony. Tens of THOUSANDS of children have been subjected to this kind of life because of his terror. Forced into a life unwanted.
So please, be inspired. Be the person who chooses to care. Help this very worthy cause, by watching the video, and sharing the message with others. Do what YOU can. Instead of talking about the change we want to see, Let us be the Change we want to see, and bring back the smiles of these well deserving children. Because blessing someone else's life is always in style. 
Click the Highlighted Links throughout the posts to find more information on the fight for the children, and to view the links on how YOU can make a difference.

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Sierra said...

When I watched this video, my heart ached immensely. After living in Kenya this past summer, I have a soft spot in my heart for these special children. This just continues to break my heart.
Your words are written perfectly!
Love your blog. I am a follower!
Oh, Just Livin' the Dream