Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ask the Jay Team: Stars with Style

Q: I love following Celebrity Style. Who are some of your favorites?
-Hillary K

A: I love following celeb style too. Granted, they have hoards of stylists working on them, making them look picture perfect. So its sometimes hard to see what is their personal style, or what is the style of those who dress them. The best quote I heard all week was, "Money CAN buy you style." When it comes to celebrity that holds more than true. But here are a few candid shots of a few gals whose style I love.

 Yes, I am totally a self professed Gleek. I pray weekly to see my name as their Gleek of the week. 
Hasn't happened yet... come on Fox!
I love this candid shot of Rachel Zoe. She might have some BA-Nana words, but she knows exactly what she is talking about and always looks MAJOR.
Leave us a comment, let us know who's style YOU love. 

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