Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter White: Chic all year long

I'm a firm believer in going against the grain. Something in me loves being the fashion rebel and choosing to wear whatever I want... even if it's against all fashion fax pas. White is definitely one of the things I walk backwards for. White is so clean, so sharp and so versatile, why not wear it year round?! 
Here are two prime examples that show Im not the only one rebelling around here.

Fabulous Street Style! Lace and Leather. 

Even Runways were staging a revolt against old fashion dictation. Celine showed that white isn't only chic all year long, but edgy and classic.


Bella Clothing said...

truly laces and leather looks good, luv bella style!

Lesleigh said...

I love wearing white in winter! The textures you showed are perfect.