Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tip Tuesday: The Perfect Shimmer

I confess. My name is Jamie and I am a makeup junkie. I blame my now 80 year old Grandmother. I suffer daily from "grandma fingers" the unwelcome effect caused by digging vigorously through my makeup bag just to find the handful of items I actually use. When I was growing up I was always grossed out by my sweet grandmothers makeup smeared all over everything she touched... 
The phone, the towels, the milk carton...her shirt.
But wouldn't you know it, even though I clean my fingers with borderline obsession, when I can snag a sample, even if I would never use it {bronze 5 tinted moisturizer anyone?}, I grab it. 
Hereditary obsession I assume. 
 So when a fabulous tutorial comes out that not only looks fabulous, is easy for me to follow AND shows me how to put to use my plethora of eye shadows, I swoon.

 My look of choice, IF I possessed the talent to create this daily would be the natural shimmer eye. This fabulous tutorial by Wonder Forest does just the trick, and it finally teaches me what to do with the 10 makeup brushes I possess. In advance let me just say, You're Welcome.