Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wavy Tresses Tutorial

I used to have major hair issues. Growing up my hair was low back long, tight natural curls and what I thought was the ugliest color of light brown in existence. I would spend hours trying to iron it out with a regular iron, or worse, blowing it dry as straight as it would go until I was basically all frizz and split ends. In fact , I used to carry around a pair of scissors with me for the important job of trimming all split ends I found.

 When I headed to college I started changing my look as often as I changed my clothes. Starting with good old sun-in and a few months of orange hair, followed by chopping off my long locks so I could try and create a  Meg Ryan piecey bob. For years and years I followed the cycle of grow hair out, chop it off, hate it, grow it out, chop it off, hate it. Intermingled with versions of blond, black, red, brown and sometimes an accidental orange.

Finally in my maturity, that's what we are going to call it, I realized I am happier when my hair is long and not an odd color that exposes my roots every 4 weeks. 

Enter the long haired girls best friend. Long easy waves. 

Now, I have tried just about every way of replicating this look. Sock Bun Curls, the headband trick, curling iron, curling stick, flat iron, you name it. Never until I stumbled across this amazing tutorial by Caroline Brooke did it FINALLY make sense and look the way it should. So save yourself some trouble and head over to her blog Maskcara 
and learn how you too can look like a Victoria secret model. 

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