Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Proud Mama

Being a business owner can be a tedious, around the clock job. There are often no days off, and the list is always a mile long of things that needed to be done yesterday. There are highs and lows at every point throughout the year, and as you strive to do your best and help the company soar, there is always one thing that far exceeds any other joy you can possibly have...
I have to say, I am one proud mama today. As quickly as we have grown and the monumental success we have seen wane in comparison to the joy I find in watching the people around me grow and succeed. Somehow I hit the jackpot, and hired the most exceptional women I know. The ladies of jbella are not only beautiful inside and out, they are hardworking, loyal and kind. Always willing to go the extra mile. And although I would love to be able to showcase each individual team member and sing their praises, this particular photo shoot only involved a handful of our elite upper staff. I hope you find as much beauty in them as I do. Make sure you show them some love and comment on their hotness.

jbella Leaders

 Jamie Findlay: Founder/ Creative Director {Resident Team Bragger}

Rhonda Hoth: Director of Operations/ Area Director over Utah  {our go to gal}

Shayna Jenkins: Lead Stylist  {mafia style competitor}

Davian Whitaker: Buyer/ Stylist {queen of witty banter}

Ashley Carlson: Lead Stylist Salt Lake City  {medical genius}

Bethany Barrow: Administrative Assistant/ Stylist {resident over achiever}

We are always looking to expand our team, and NO, we do not discriminate against males.
 In fact, we have one pretty important man {the captain of sarcasm} that claims
 he's just too hot for an all girl shoot... 
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Emme said...

Davian, Queen of Witty Banter? not yet. She is the Princess of Witty Banter until the Queen dies, and I am staying around a long time!