Monday, January 30, 2012

Golden Age Of Hollywood

I've always found myself intrigued with all things old Hollywood. A magnetic pull of sorts if you will. A time when things seemed so much simpler than they do now. When little things still meant a lot. 
When society was still excited and enthralled by the newness in life,  and the growth surrounding them. 
 Life was glamorous, and actresses truly were beloved stars. 
Style was more than just a word back then, it applied to your stature in life.
 Fashion was something that was understood and relished. There was still an aura of mystery and exclusivity surrounding it.  Movie Stars and producers alike understood the transformation value that fashion could make. Stars weren't born, they were made... 

 Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps my favorite icon of the century. A down home, plain Jane girl, transformed by fashion, hair and makeup into THE sex symbol of the era. 
The downside... she lost her true self to become something she wasn't.

Which brings me to two amazing women who never lost themselves to build a career. 
Audrey Hepburn and Lucille Ball. Two woman I truly believe possessed their own natural knack for style. These woman always looked classic, fresh, and ahead of their time. 
Perhaps what I've loved my whole life about these woman weren't just their impeccable style, or the way they commanded the attention of those around them, but the fact that they radiated a quality that made you feel like you knew them. When sexy was supposed to be all you ever wanted to be... they were funny, witty, and sharp. They lived exemplary lives of being true to oneself. 
Yes, fashion can transform anybody.
 But if you have true inner beauty, you will always outshine the rest.

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Goldylocks and the Barrows said...

Audrey Hepborn really did nail it though with anything she ever wore! She made the style, not the clothes. I love her because she made something that is so simple of a piece and somehow it became amazing.
Because she said it could be and it was.