Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fighting Winter Blues

Im not going to lie. I hate Winter. Its dark, depressing and cold, and I have to hide my pedicured toes all day in huge wool socks. My sandals stare me down almost daily, taunting me with the prospect of warmth and sun. Being a California girl, I have struggled every single year since moving to the Utah/Idaho region. Winter to me should logically include 55 degree weather, light jackets and hello... sunshine!

Over the years I have been forced to find some positives buried inside this dread of a season, and as far as I can tell here they are. One: White Christmas. Come on, who doesn't love a white christmas? It just needs to melt the next day. Two: being able to layer the seasons best pieces without having to do a full strip down when i get indoors. Three: being able to reasonably get away with wearing a hat of some kind for at least 4 straight months. 

 Wearing a hat several days in a row and not looking like a homeless person does takes some skill. But all the dry shampoo in the world can't do for you what a hat can do. Side Note: You DO need to wash your hair still....please. With hats variety is key, and thanks to jbella I have more styles than I could possibly wear in my closet, but my pick of choice is usually a fedora. Today was no exception. Thanks to days and days of rain, a fedora was my best friend to help fight off the inevitable frizz and curl headed my way. 

Hat sold on jbella or can be found on the jbella Facebook Page
 ONLY $15 Comes in Black and Brown.

Another Staple I can't live without. Unique knit beanies! 
I love this button one from jbella as seen in their winter shop the look. 

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rueyou said...

YOU"RE beautiful!!! Love that hat!! Obsessed with fadoras right now! muah!