Saturday, September 10, 2011

Take your Skinny Jeans for a New Spin

I love the look of skinny jeans... On other people. Very rarely have I been brave enough to actually sport my own pair past the confines of my bedroom. The few times I dared, I've been so paranoid about the perportion of hip width to tiny ankle ratio that I ALWAYS throw on heels to slim down the effect. My feet yell at me for days afterward. I held onto my skinny jeans season after season thinking,
 "But I have to keep them to wear with my boots!" 
But fret no more, this season has opened up a whole new world of possibility for those dreaded skinny jeans. In congruence with this seasons sleek cigarette pant and 50's era rolled up jean comes the oh so sleek look of CUFFED skinny jeans. This is truly a style to last for seasons, so grab your favorite pair, cuff them and throw on your favorite ballet flats, toms, or even keds. 
One thing's certain, this piece is one that every fashionista needs to own. This style will quickly become your favorite go-to transitional piece of the season.  And don't think just because you have a great pair of baggy boyfriend cuffed jeans that you're off the hook. These are skinny, tapered, figure flattering and adorable.

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